International Trade Agreements With The United States Of America Essay

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Introduction: Since confederation, Canada has had a complicated relationship with its southerly neighbor; the United States of America. History shows us that cooperation with the United States is purely happenstance, only really having advancements and changes occur when compatible leaders from compatible parties are in office at the same time. Over the years, our proximity has led to competing economies and markets, with many industries fearful of one another. The leaders of our two countries realised the biggest threats and issues between us have always been associated with trade. Protective policies such as tariffs have been implemented throughout history as temporary solutions. When ‘temporary’ stopped working, a new solution needed to be found. The discovered solution came in a time when compatible leaders decided on a movement towards a permanent trade agreement between our two countries. The Free Trade Agreement of 1988 and the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994 are Canada’s two most prominent examples of successful free trade agreements with America. However, like all cooperative agreements, when one party changes its opinion or policies, the agreement can become at risk. Even when both parties are in an agreeance, the outcome can effect them in ways they can’t imagine. Despite the prosperity the Free Trade agreements have brought to the Canadian economy over the years, the subsequent reliance on the United States for trade has increased, becoming a
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