International Trade And Development Report Essay

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4.721 International Trade and Development International Trade & Development Report between India & New Zealand Prepared By: Shreyans Joshi - 20140745 Rupesh Khanal - Sameer Batliwala - Senbagaraman - Submitted To: Dr. Sushma Seth Bhat Word Count: 3457 Table of Contents Abstracts: 3 Introduction: 3 Current Trade Relations: 4 Current Level of Trade & Agreements: 7 Barriers to Trade: 8  Tariff Barriers 9  Non-Tariff Barriers 9 Conclusion & Suggestion: 11 References: 13 Abstracts: India is one of the leading market economies and developing countries while on the other hand New Zealand an industrialized and developed country. The report aims to analyse the current trade relationship and current potential ways to develop trade relationship between India and New Zealand. India and New Zealand are two economies they currently negotiating free trade agreement between them. The report says about the products which are trade between these two countries. India is the second most populous country. The domestic market of New Zealand is relatively small when compared to India. The free trade agreement will give the kiwi business to gain economies of scale, competitive advantage and knowledge. Both the economies are supporting each other and there is a good potential to increase trade between these two countries. Furthermore the report describes in detail the trade barriers affecting the business relationship between the two countries and analyses in detail the
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