International Trade As A Tool For International Business

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The case study in chapter fourteen asks some very important questions regarding international trade as SME and MNE evolve globally due to technology. Therefore as international business continues to evolve companies are find easier ways to find importers and exporters from the comfort of their offices without the costly methods of travel and due diligences trying to find reputable companies to handle their needs. Using a variety of sources I will analyze international trade through the use of websites and go into detail about the secureness and effectiveness of those sites. The advancement of technology has created a network that has speed up globalization due to customers, suppliers, and producers having access to each other all over…show more content…
Therefore companies are able to benefit through e commerce by overcoming capital and infrastructure limitations (Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan, 2015). Furthermore, there are additional benefits of using Websites like alibaba .com such as being an improved mechanism for trade by making information readily available and inexpensive. Therefore by creating a direct service to international traders, gives companies the opportunities to grow in addition to an even playing field among competitors. Although there are a good deal of benefits associated with international trade using the internet there are still some things to watch for in which companies looking to use websites like for their trade needs should look for. For example, Alibaba’s reputation among US consumers has been poor, including an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. The low rating is due to Alibaba’s failure to respond to 79 complaints against its businesses, including and AliExpress, BBB’s ratings report said (Whitehouse, 2014). Over the last three years the BBB has received 240 complaints about Alibaba with about half with problems pertaining to product and service (BBB, 2016). Furthermore, as stated in (Meltzer, 2014) there are barriers specific to Internet-enabled international trade, such as tariffs on imports, market
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