International Trade Shaped The Economy, Culture And Civilization

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First of all, I agree with the statement that, “International trade shaped the economy, culture and civilization of many Central Asian Silk Road societies in the pre-Mongol era”. The explanation of the term “ International trade” literally means the exchange of goods between different countries in the world. On the other hand, the aim of the international trade is to spread the culture and absorb the new culture and things in in order to make a better society. The Silk Road was the first step that starts to exchange the culture, economy civilization, and also political between China and the western countries. This International trade made a great contribution to the world. In this essay, I will focus on the International trade on the…show more content…
Although the Mongolia Empire occupied land by the violence war, they still Unified Eurasia for the first time, which makes the international trade become easier. Early in the Liao Dynasty, the Mongol tribes have started to trade the goods like cattle, sheep, horses and fur with Khitan. Besides, Before the Mongolia Empire established, the Mongolian nomads continued to trade goods with neighboring people. The political and military strength of Mongol Empire is powerful provides a more favorable political environment for the Silk Road. Besides, the trade of the Mogol Silk Road is Relative prosperity, and it is the basis for the development of Tang Song dynasties‘ Silk Road trade. The nomad empires are relatively stable, and the international trade became more frequent. That is not a coincidence; the reason is that the Mongol Empire ruled the Eurasia during that period. On the other hand, Silk Road is a rebirth of the economic trade, especially during the Mongolia empire period. As I mentioned, the pre-Mongol era is like a turning point for the international trading’s rise, because along the ancient Silk Road, there are a lot of countries, especially the countries of Central Asia. The international trade became the only way to promote the development of the economic.1 The construction of the Silk Road is like a economic belt to link China and the western
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