International Trade Theory

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International Trade Theory Chapter Outline OPENING CASE: The Ecuadorian Rose Industry INTRODUCTION AN OVERVIEW OF TRADE THEORY The Benefits of Trade The Pattern of International Trade Trade Theory and Government Policy MERCANTILISM Country Focus: Is China a Neo-Mercantilist Nation? ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE The Gains from Trade Qualifications and Assumptions Extensions of the Ricardian Model Country Focus: Moving U.S. White Collar Jobs Offshore HECKSCHER-OHLIN THEORY The Leontief Paradox THE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE THEORY Evaluating the Product Life Cycle Theory NEW TRADE THEORY Increasing Product Variety and Reducing Costs Economies of…show more content…
In addition, environmentalists worry that the industry is now following proprer safetyt precautions with the chemicals it uses. QUESTION 2: Consumer groups in Europe have pushed for reforms to Ecuador’s environmental regulations for its rose industry. Other groups have encouraged trade sanctions to force Ecuadorian rose growers to be more environmentally responsible. Consider the impact these groups could have on Ecuador and workers in the rose industry if they are successful in their efforts. ANSWER 2: In response to the suggestions of consumer groups in Europe, some Ecuadorian rose growers have voluntarily joined a program certifying they are responsible growers. As part of the program , the growers must supply workers with appropriate protective gear, train them in the proper use of chemicals, and hire doctors to visit workers on a weekly basis. Most students will recognize that the cost of this type of program will affect the profits of growers, and could lead to layoffs within the industry, higher prices for consumers, or both. Teaching Tip: For more information on the rose industry in Ecuador, visit {}. Chapter Outline with Lecture Notes and Teaching Tips INTRODUCTION A) This chapter has two goals. The first goal is to review a number of theories that explain why it is
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