International Trade and Mariano

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Case Study 1: A Golden Opportunity: Exporting Easy Flame Barbeques to Argentina?

1. Many export activities begin in this way; however, there are a number of issues Mariano has overlooked. Name five of these.
2. Mariano has chosen indirect export as his initial mode of entry-discuss the advantages of this compared to other possible entry modes Mariano might have chosen.
3. How might Austrade be able to help Mariano with his proposed international marketing venture? Identify the types of services that Austrade offers.
4. In what ways will Mariano’s background and skill set assist him in undertaking this venture? What skills might he lack? Is his general approach one that you would personally recommend?
5. In what ways would exporting the
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Mariano is also aware that Australia is increasingly becoming an exporter of manufactured products (along with services), and that internationalization is an important driver of economic growth. Because of this Mariano chosen indirect export as his initial mode of entry through which is got many advantages in this entry, where, Mariano had also been reflecting on his ability to become a potential exporter in his newly adopted country by using his way to enter into the unit in International Marketing as part of his degree he has no practical experience in International Marketing ( or particular types of International Marketing, Like Exporting) neither does he has any contacts with Australian exporting consultancies, what the way Mariano has taking to get into the International Marketing would have been better if he would have understood the strategies of the International Trade and would have got the knowledge about the economy of the market and about the fiscal polices how it runs and give the detail knowledge about its business and work, and also he would have contacted the politically to the government to give the details of the business and would have trade and also which gives his to get the business where he can run his business in greater volume and given the more profit to his business and would have got more recognition, since Argentina was not well strong

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