International Travel Can Be Very Influential

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International travel can be very influential in anyone’s life because it allows people to go out of their comfort zone. It allows individuals to explore something new. It opens up anyone’s mind to try different things such as a variety of food. Different country has “specialty” or let say “exotic food. “In the Philippines, one of the exotic food they have is “balot” which is a developing bird embryo boiled in water and eaten from the shell. They also have exotic fruit called “Durian” which is available in the northern part of the Philippines. Some people describe it as a foul-smelling fruit, but for local it tastes like heaven. People cannot imagine how come a smelly fruit turns to a heavenly taste alike until they tried it. In addition, people will be able to visit different tourist spot such as rice terraces, amazing beach resorts, astonishing mountains, and some stunning views that people don’t have in their homeland. For instance, Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, Sentosa in Singapore and so on. Travelling to different country, roaming around let people observe their living situations. Some country is less fortunate to a point that they can’t afford to buy food and even the government can’t provide food for all who are in need. In addition, different countries have different values in life and they show it in a gesture. For example, In Japan, they bend over to show respect to others. In the Philippines, they have a gesture called “Mano”, it is similar to
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