International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital and Benefit of Using Information Technology

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International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital and benefit of using Information Technology

Duong Chi Dat
IFY Student 2011

International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital (VRH) is a private Russian based hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, using latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment with service of ophthalmologists coming from Fyodorov Hospital, Russia. The hospital was established in February, 2009 and since then has gained a strong position in the healthcare market in Northern Vietnam (VRH, 2011) Reputation and credit of the hospital and number of patients coming to it has dramatically increased since establishment, thanks to the quality of service it provides and the efficiency of applying
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The website of VRH on World Wide Web is another efficient tool used for interacting with patients and ensuring their satisfaction. It was created as the hospital established in order to update useful and necessary information for anyone interested in using its service and simplify all procedures for patients. The site uses the latest Web 2.0 technology with friendly tools so that patients can register for diagnosis as well as make dates and consulate with doctors online (T.T.Nguyen, personal communication, March 28, 2011). According to the hospital’s policy, if customers register online before they come, they will save their time by not having to stay in queue and wait (T.Nguyen, personal communication, March 26, 2011)
Benefit of revenue Revenue of the hospital has risen dramatically from establishment in February, 2009 to February, 2011 and VRH has now become one of the best medical service providers in Northern Vietnam, although it was new and had to face harsh competition from variety of opponents. This could not have been done without applying information technology to promote and advertise for the hospital, which actually began before its establishment. The most common strategy of the hospital’s management team in using online tools to attract patients is to organize PR and advertisement campaigns on online newspapers along with consultation programs on popular health forums. This has been proven to be quite efficient, as
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