International Widget's Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Professional organizations have created codes of ethics that condense the basic principles and behavior that are expected of all physicians in that discipline. These codes, also known as statements of intent, are meant to govern the conduct of members of a given profession, such as medicine (Fremgen, B. F). After reading through the code of ethics for International Widget I’ve come to a conclusion that John Anderson has violated International Widget’s code of ethics. John’s behavior has prohibited multiple provisions. Firstly, John has violated the confidentiality clause by giving out clients’ information of International Widget to competitors. John failed to protect the personal information of clients, which was received in the course of providing the business services concerned. John did not act honestly and honorably towards International Widget. He…show more content…
This would’ve allowed John to correct his behavior and help him make the correct decisions in the future. Besides that John and the competitor were fully aware that they were going against International Widget code of ethics, therefore John cannot argue that he was unaware that he was going against the company’s code of ethics. John Anderson is in a fiduciary relationship with International Widgets, because the company has entrusted him to carry out his duties in an ethical way. International Widget trusted John with clients’ information. But John broken that trust and violated the company’s code of ethics therefore should be terminated and legal actions should be taken against him for lost of business. An agent is one that acts under the supervision or control of his principal (hdghdgh). The agent is bound by the instructions of his or her principal. The agent can in turn bind his principal by the agent’s actions. In this case John Anderson is an agent of International
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