International Widgets : Code Of Ethics

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International Widgets is a company that strives to satisfy its consumers through operating successful and ensuring that it follows legal and ethical strategies in attaining its success. The company has been in operation for several years, which has enabled it gain a larger market. The larger market ensures that the company is constantly under pressure to perform effectively and remain competitive. John, who is one of the employees in International Widgets Company, has been successful in ensuring that the company gains more clients (Seth, 2010). However, in recent time he has shown great change in his performance. Further, he seems to be diverting some of his attentions to one of Widgets’ competitors, which is causing worries to the company’s management and it is also going contrary to the company’s codes of ethics. The International Widgets has formulated a list of its code of ethics that govern the operation of the company. A summary of the International Widgets’ Code of Ethics is as follows: Confidentiality: the company is committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity in its dealings with its potential, current, as well as its past clients. Ethics: the company conducts business honorably and honestly and expects supplies and clients to do the same. Duty of care: the company’s advice and actions will at all times conform to relevant laws. The company believes that every business should avoid causing any effect on different human rights and the wider environment.

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