International and Global Marketing

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Introduction: Introducing a new product or service into a foreign market is a significant business achievement. As a matter of fact, there are a few things that companies have to face when it comes to globalization. This essay will deal with luxury products, and more particularly with high-end jewellery from the French brand Cartier. These products will be launched within the Chinese market, as it is close to become the largest luxury market in the world. In order to make this project as successful as possible, this essay will be divided into two parts. On the one hand, we will be analysing the marketing environment of the Chinese market by identifying major market opportunities. Also, the selection of a suitable target market for…show more content…
Thus, many Chinese parents have a desire to protect their children from the suffering they encountered . They see their child as a “second chance to live a happiness which they themselves had not experienced” (Croll, 1985). Nowadays, these only children came to adopt the nickname “Little Emperors” because of the large portion of time and money their parents devote to them. Families provide their children with a first world lifestyle and spend a lot of money in luxury products; they need to have the best things to succeed. Young Chinese consumers are then seen as a big opportunity for many global marketers. The one-child policy created a large middle class with a large amount of disposable income that would never have been possible to obtain if these couples had bore multiple children. • Booming / Expanding market – Great demand for luxury goods. Many marketers look at China as their favourite bright spot and this is particularly true for luxury brands. By 2015, China will be home to the world’s fourth largest population of wealthy households and will become the world largest market for high-end goods. Like Japan 20 years ago, the people in China are exposed to a massive amount of high-end goods and services through the Internet, by overseas travel, and from first-hand experience. Chinese luxury good buyers’ interest started with Gucci handbags, fashion, and Swatch watches and it extended to other
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