Internationalizing of Mars and Ferrero

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Internationalizing of Mars and Ferrero Introduction The process a company takes, that focuses on its gradual integration, acquisition, knowledge use regarding foreign markets and the company's operations is referred to as internationalization ADDIN EN.CITE Chiao2006229(Chiao et al., 2006)22922917Chiao, Yu-ChingYang, Kuo-PinYu, Chwo-Ming JosephPerformance, Internationalization, and Firm-Specific Advantages of SMEs in a Newly-Industrialized EconomySmall Business EconomicsSmall Business Economics475-4922652006Springer0921898X HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Chiao, 2006 #229" Chiao et al., 2006). The company will be expanding into a foreign market in this process. Businesses will get endless market liberalization, which they can use to derive opportunities they will need when making investments of management and capital. A company should be prepared to face certain risks that internationalization brings. Since the foreign market is unknown and the foreign country has a different culture than that of the company, the company should be prepared for some shocks as they start their internationalization process. The company will need to exercise patience and develop long term strategies, which it will use when pursuing international business. Internationalization is mainly pushed by the endless opportunities found in foreign markets and the pressure to internationalize. Majority of the big companies are afraid that if they do not
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