Internet Access For Improved Learning Effectiveness. .Mrs.

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Internet Access for improved learning effectiveness

Mrs. A.Bharathi, M.Sc.,M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Assistant Professor, MNR PG College of Education, Hyderabad. Ph.No. 9493939464 Email: reachbharathi@live.


We are now in a world of versatile technological inventions. Technology has dramatically penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Education needs to utilise and enhance its functions by making use of these technological advancements, more so for persons with disabilities. People with disabilities face a wide range of barriers, including access to information, education and a lack of job
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With science and technology making remarkable development in every field, most essentially, edu-cational system has taken a noteworthy step towards excellence with impressive progress of Infor-mation and Communication Technologies (ICT). Furthermore, when these technologies are availa-ble, affordable and accessible, they represent more than a transformation for people with disabili-ties.The persons with disabilities demand different educational methodology and material. This has led people, especially the parents, to look out for solutions to educational needs of these special children. Of late, the solution has come in the form of information and communication technology (ICT) tools, which helps and enhances the learning expectations of these persons. Prior to ICT in-terventions, the field of education was the first to develop a range of special education programmes that have helped persons with disabilities to get educated. In recent years, ICT is playing a vital role in the development of educational curriculum and also in teaching learning process using the latest advancements in the area of IT and hardware. It supports these students to improve their knowledge and learning skills as well as enables them to most effectively compete with their peers in school and ultimately in the society. Hence the ICT based assistive tools are widely used to sup-port inclusive learning.

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