Internet Addiction And Its Negative Impact

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The Buzz about Internet Addiction and its Negative Impact
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Internet Addiction
The internet has become an integral component of our life, and this has greatly transformed the way we access information, communicate and do our work. Added to this fact, the internet is widely available in people’s homes, businesses, cyber cafés and learning institutions. However, the wide appeal and usage of the internet has come with a huge price that could be detrimental to our health and well-being if left unchecked. Internet addiction or internet addiction
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Although the condition is relatively new, a lot has been said about the effects of internet addiction on human health. Mental health experts in particular, see a huge semblance between internet addiction with gambling addiction and substance abuse. For starters, most people suffering from internet addiction experience social isolation.

The isolation makes it very difficult for the affected persons to establish or maintain lasting relationships with peers since their involvement in social activities is greatly curtailed. The other mental issues that may arise as a result of internet addiction include; experiencing impulse control problems, depression, psychosis and anxiety. If a member of the family or friend is suffering from internet addiction, there are several telltale signs that will tell you everything is not ok. A student may see a drop in their academic performance while an employee may become less productive. The other symptoms of internet addiction include:
• Loss of interest in other life pursuits like hobbies
• The thoughts of the addict continues to revolve around the computer even when they are away from it
• The person acts defensively by hiding the true extent of the addiction
• The individual reacts negatively when questioned about internet addiction
• Feelings of anxiety and depression kick in when one is away from the computer
• Addicted person may decided to spend huge amounts of money on social
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