Internet Addiction Essay

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Teenagers are easily addicted to things which are attractive, entertaining and social. Nowadays a lot of teenagers have their own phone and laptop which is convenient to keep contact with friends and family, but they use it to play video game most frequently and there are lots of violent video game affect adolescences have bad habits, the main reason is they get addicted to the internet. Huge negative effects appear if teenagers get addicted to the internet, including can not live without a cell phone, internet addiction disorder and there are negative effects of the internet violent game. Due to the internet is convenient and cell phones can connect with the internet, teenagers can not live without their cellphone and it has lots of…show more content…
The wide spread of internet addiction disorder causes a series of problem. Firstly, some teenagers who have an internet addiction disorder can not distinguish the visual world and reality. They spend too much time on the internet, and most of internet website need open up an account, those accounts can set up everything like personal images, habits, favorite food. This makes them feel like they lives in the internet. Teenagers who have an internet addiction disorder prefer to spend most of time on it, and it will make them confused between real and virtual world. (Flora, 2015, p121) Besides, most of the people have psychological problems because of internet addiction disorder. According to the articles, “For example, both Internet and gambling addiction are associated with a high level of stress, loneliness and low social support”. (Flora, 2015, p124) Moreover, most of young patients want to avoid reality through surfing on the internet. But actually avoid the predicament is not suitable way, the only way to solve the difficulty is to face difficulties. (Flora, 2015, p127) In conclusion, internet addiction disorder makes them confused about the reality and virtual world, psychological and do not facing the difficulty. The bad influences of violent games are also appearing because of internet, teenagers can download this kind of game from the internet and play with their friends, they thinks violent games can
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