Internet Addiction and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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The world as we know it has begun to turn into one of modern technology and reliance on modern technology. The coming generations will grow up with even more technology surrounding them in addition to mp3s, cell phones, computers, convenience machines, and the internet. The internet is always expanding and encompassing more as time passes on. From its’ development to today, the internet is used for more than information gathering, such as playing video games, games, socializing via chatting, Skype, social networking sites, watching movies, and more. With so much to do on the internet, it can become time consuming and even become addictive to some, leading to excessive overuse or addiction. Internet addiction behaviors include…show more content…
487). In this way, internet addiction can be considered a compulsive addiction that is not fed through the use of chemicals and has been compared to a gambling addiction or obsessive compulsive disorder, where the addict cannot help but feel the need to satisfy the craving that is gnawing at them or there would be great discomfort and anxiety (Marks 1990, p. 1391). Also, there have been many studies that have looked into how or why internet addiction came into existence and what the potential outcomes may be, such as ADHD. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder was first discovered in the early 1900s and treatment founded in the 1930s. The inability to remain still, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, impatience, lack of concentration, inattentiveness, and the constant need to be occupied are some of the symptoms and signs on the list to diagnose possible ADHD patients (Goldman 2006, p. 1102). Often times parents and teachers think that the child or person is just being difficult and rebellious towards authority and do not take the time to really consider whether or not there is another reason. However, the child must be medically diagnosed by medical professionals just as they would with any other medical problems to be officially acknowledged and known as having a mental disorder. To
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