Internet And Plagiarism : An Ethical And Legal Issue

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RESEARCH PAPER: INTERNET AND PLAGIARISM: AN ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUE AMONG TODAY’S STUDENTS CMST 301 6385 DIGITAL MEDIA AND SOCIETY Prof. Robert Zornes Fall 2014 Vitor S Alves October 3, 2014 Outline The availability of online research has increased the probability that a material can become plagiarized, resulting in an ethical and legal issue. However, it has also introduced solutions to detecting plagiarism with the use of online plagiarism software. 1. Introduction. 2. Understanding plagiarism. a. Plagiarism and the written word. 3. Plagiarism and the Internet. a. Students turn towards the Internet for research. b. Analysis on plagiarism and plagiarists. c. Plagiarism affects the student, the institution, and society. 4. Preventing plagiarism. a. The academic integrity in institutions and the need to make them known. b. Revising school policies so they are up to date. c. Instructors are able to detect plagiarism with the use of unique programs. 5. Conclusion. Research Paper: Internet and Plagiarism: An Ethical and Legal Issue Among Today’s Students Introduction This research paper incorporates recent studies that explore the ethical and legal issues revolving around students, plagiarism, and the use of the Internet. First, this introductory portion provides an overview and historical background of plagiarism. This research further describes plagiarism while explaining how it affects
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