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Caught in an Online Web: The Mistakes That Could Haunt You In a world where information can be easily accessed with a quick web search and where online networking plays a huge role in present-day communication, many educators and employers are urging students and potential hires to think twice before posting. The reason for this is that the mistreatment of internet sources has consequences. Issac Gilman– an assistant professor and Communications and Research Librarian at Pacific University – evaluated how the misuse of online sources could harm a student’s professional and academic life. In Gilman’s article Online Lives, Offline Consequences: Professionalism, Information Ethics, and Professional Students, it is clear that a plague of plagiarism persists in the modern world and that the effects of certain social media posts are often neglected. While teachers and other adults should prepare students for the potential risks of engaging in academic dishonesty and social media misuse, students must take it upon themselves to be aware of how their online actions can affect their lives and take precautions as needed.
In Isaac Gilman’s article, one of the topics he discussed was the importance of academic integrity. While the internet provides a useful tool for learning new things, it can also be used to steal ideas and work. Plagiarism has been around for a long time, but the access to online information makes it effortless. Paper mills which gain a profit from selling
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