Internet And The National Intelligence Council

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Internet of Tings (IoT)
The US National Intelligence Council included Internet of things technology to the list of the most six important technologies that will have a potential impact on US national power “Disruptive Civil Technologies”.
IoT is an existed technology physically. However, many challenges still face this technology to be separated widely. In this report, Internet of Things technology will be discussed, and on the most important open issues that have not been solved, or at least perfectly, will be focused on.
Those issues will be Addressing and network issues, security and privacy. 1. Introduction
The reason why internet of things has become important and interesting topic for a lot of tech global companies such
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According to analysis from Business Insider Intelligence, more than 18 billion devices will be
Connected to the Web by 2018.

Fig.1. users are connected to the Web by 2018

2. Open issues
Although the internet of things has become an existed technology and visible, but a lot of searches are still required for improving all the weaknesses and answering all the users’ questions.
2.1. Addressing and network issues In IoT the number of nodes will be incredibly high. That means the needs of effective addressing polices are required. As we know, each node are identified through four bytes address using IPV4, also the number of the available addresses is rapidly decreasing and will reach zero so soon. Therefore, other utilization protocols are required instead of IPv4.
In some previous researches, IPv6 is proposed to be the alternative; by means of 128 bits, IPv6 can define 10^38 address which is should be enough for addressing the worthy and useful objects. Hence, create a new IPv6 packet with a suitable encapsulation is required.

Fig.2. Encapsulation of RFID message into an IPv6 packet Even though, IPvs solved a part of problem that was the number of the available addresses, however, another problem is existed, the suitable way in which address are should be obtained. In the now days Internet, querying appropriate servers that is called domain name servers (DNS) for identifying any host address from a certain giving name.
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