Internet And The World Wide Web

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A computer is a tool that is in 84% of households . It can be anywhere from 10 inches across to 30 inches across. They can be Macs, HPs, and Chromebooks. Some are better for gaming, some are better for work, but they all have one thing in common. They all use the internet. The internet is a global communication network that allows all computers to exchange information. The internet has social benefits, it helps us in the classroom, it enhances our creativity, and it also has long term effects on our brain that actually help us. Of course, there are cons about the internet, but the bad parts are controllable. The internet changes the way we think for the better, and connects us to people all around the world. The internet and the world…show more content…
You can use this if the student has a learning disability, or if the student is interested in a certain topic, so the student can go more in depth than the other students. Also, technology is used in most jobs today, so you must learn it when you are young, and in school is the best place because you can solve the different problems with peers. Studies have shown that our grammar is actually getting better because of technology. Because we are typing and writing more on social media, text, and e-mail, we are actually practicing our grammar when we don’t even know it. However, some studies show that our grammar is becoming worse because of abbreviations and more sloppiness. The internet has become a huge part of communicating with people all around the world. It has made it easier to talk to people, and now we can send a message on just seconds. Before the invention of the e-mail or internet, everything was either written by hand or written on the typewriter. If you made a mistake, there was no backspace button, so you either had to restart or cross over the mistake, which was very inefficient. We can also share our ideas with people all over the world. Someone could make a document in the United States, and by the time you finish reading this sentence, someone in Europe could have already received it. Before the internet, it could take days or weeks in order for someone to receive it half way across the world.
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