Internet Background Checks : A Wave Of The Future, And It Is Here Now

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Jazmin Herrera Professor Dominguez English 301-11 15 December 2014 Research Paper Internet background checks are a wave of the future, and it is here now. “Internet background checks” refers to the process were employers gather information from the internet about a person-in this case, a job or college applicant, to determine as much as possible of the applicant before they hire them (Rainey; Reicher). With a click of a button, one can type in someone’s name into google, an internet search engine, and find information about them in a second. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow one to keep in touch with friends and allow you to meet new people. In which, many people spend hours each day updating their profiles, messaging their friends and clicking through photo albums. However, these social media networks are also means for employers and college admissions to see into an applicant’s real life. To see what type of message they are sending, and validating their applicant’s resumes. To some people, this may be unethical. Because of this, internet background checks are a controversial topic due to some people debating that internet background checks are an invasion of privacy. However, with increasing competition for job titles and school admissions, employers and college admissions need a way to insure they are making the right choice when choosing an applicant. Admissions and employers want an applicant that is a good fit for the culture based on the image

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