Internet Based Exam Model

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2.1 Introduction: In this chapter we will introduce the definition of the Internet-based exam model. It is also explain the importance of this field. Besides that, it contains views on some similar systems and related work. 2.2 Definition of the Internet-based model. When we define the “Internet-based model” as a terminology it is technically means: “that a particular communications device or technology conforms to TCP/IP data communications protocols” [3333].This communication involves providing user a highly formatted document to fill in. Internet-based exam model is using this technique to serve the teachers to write their question then generate a document with a specific design of the data format. After that, returned the generated document to the user’s web browser and save in the website to be available to whom suppose to access to these exams.[3333] 2.3 Importance of Internet-based model. On the way of contribution of using technology to serve the teacher by facility the writing of exam papers, we try to develop this project. The web-based model offers to the user to create empty forms to be filled with a specific format that he needs then allowed to other users to fill in this forms and generate a formatted and organized files. It is also safe time to re-format each file to match the standard one. 2.4 Views on some similar systems and related work. Many university and educational institution have different issues for dealing with organizing and re-formatting
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