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What is your Age? 17 What Country / Timezone are you in? Pacific Standard Time (PST) When did you first join the server? August or September of 2015! How often can you be on the server? I will dedicate as much of my time as possible! I'll be able to play at least five or seven hours a day, and I believe that's a lot of time dedicated to the server. I'll be able to help a lot of players with their issues and answer questions or concerns. I'm going to year round school so I'll still be in school but my days are shorter. As a rough estimate, I'll probably be on around 9 AM to 11 AM / 3 PM - 11 PM Monday to Thursday. Fridays I don't have any classes so I'll be able to play at any time depending if I don't have anything planned. This…show more content…
I do have Dysthymia also known as "Mild Depression". I see people saying this while the staff isn't online and they just get let off the hook with a warning. My second goal is to decrease the number of cheaters. I know, this would be hard to do as a Helper, but I'll notify higher up staff to handle this if I think somebody is cheating. The last goal is to help new players learn and navigate themselves around the server, and show them how fun server is and hopefully, they do stick around. Do you have any past experience? I've been staff on HCF Server. Server name was DeltaHCF, I was a Moderator for few months and server closed due to Owner had family problems and couldn't run an efficient server at that time. I've learned how to screenshare potential cheaters. Also did a lot of basic stuff like moderating the in-game chat, or I'll be on TeamSpeak answering questions or giving back their items due to a bug or other reasons. Another server I was kind of staff on was recently, Greenhaven, it was 1.11.2 prison server, I was a guard for about 2 months, and decided to resign because of lack of player base. I also was able to mute players and jail some players for attacking another player. It was just ordinary prison server. I found Greenhaven from a previous staff member on here his name is funny121. Why do you think you would be fit for staff? I believe I'll be able to fit for staff because I have the experience and time to spend helping others. I really will
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