Internet Censorship And The Internet Hackers

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Chapter One INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background In our time and with the remarkable progress in the field of Internet, web sites can be considered the purpose and the main target for the Internet hackers. The Internet hackers worked on transfer their attacks from the well-defended network layer to the more accessible Web application layer, since this layer is one of the most important layers because that layer is used on a daily basis by people to manage all daily business such as commercial matters in addition to other things related to their lives. These websites offer to users a variety of services Such as, shopping services, booked travel tickets, health care and the payment of Insurances. All of these and other services offered by the Web have become vulnerable to attacks by Internet hackers, by stealing credit card numbers and other personal data and information [1]. At the present time we can say that the data exchange process is characteristic of this era, some of these data are very important and highly secretive, and knowing this information could be important Implications our own future like the importance of knowing the credit card Number or a password to gain access to confidential data base. We can say that the exchange of information between two parties is critical in our lives, but it is possible incidence a bad thing during the process of transmission of information. For instance, there is an external third-party spying on the transmitter, the external third-party
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