Internet Censorship Essay - Censoring the Internet

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Censoring the Internet

From music to television, censorship has played a major role in how the public is exposed to certain material. Now that our world is entering into a new technology era, the Internet is now in the middle of the censorship issue. Internet access is now one of the fastest ways to communicate with others, obtain information on virtually anything, and purchase items without having to leave your home. As more and more people get connected to this cyber superhighway, concern for the content of material has become a big issue. Since so many children are exposed to the Internet, some material should not be accessible with a simple click of a mouse. In order to protect our younger people from being exposed to
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The bill's sponsor said "sexual predators" are using public libraries to access pornography and "prey" on children there (Rogers). Porn sites tend to use popular keywords so that innocuous searches result in X-rated hits. Visitors to non-sexual sites are redirected to porn addresses or have explicit "pop-ups" placed on their screens. Worst of all, as John Dvorak reported in Forbes, porn operators have rigged their sites so they are impossible to escape, short of terminating your browser or shutting down your computer (Grace).

Parents take the fact that all vulgar sites are not blocked into consideration when deciding on whether or not to get the Internet connected into their home. My mother is very worried that my twelve-year-old brother may have one of these "pop-ups" when he's just looking for video game codes. This is one of the reasons we do not have the Internet at our home. Parents are also concerned that their children may be exposed to such graphic material over the Internet at school. This is why the Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act was made. Introduced by Sen. Rick Santorum, this bill will require school and libraries receiving universal service assistance funding to implement community-directed Internet use policies to prevent minors from being subject to indecent and negative material on the Internet. It also includes measures to study the sufficiency of currently available Internet blocking

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