Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet Censorship

Presently, it seems that the Internet is playing a very important role in everyone's daily life. This multipurpose network has many different functions useful for everyday work and entertainment. Due to the freedom of the Internet various debates and protests have come to disagree with its open form of communication. Because of the misuse of the internet many people believe that there should be some kind of internet censorship, while others are against internet censorship stating that "it is both unnecessary impossible to implement and that because of its nature the internet should be afforded the same freedom and protection as the print media" (Bradsher 2). People that are in favor of internet censorship
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This makes it impossible to stop juveniles using it to access pornography because there is no way of knowing someone's age. People can use the Internet to impose themselves on others; anonymous email can be sent by people; people can log onto chat servers and interrupt by saying things, which offend or upset those already communicating. "People who have had no access to pornography and other depravities are using the Internet to get at something that they would otherwise never be able to see" (Society 38). While there are people favoring Internet censorship there are others that are against it. Bradsher sates that "to censor the Internet would fundamentally harm it and destroy the equality, which makes it most popular - its freedom" (3). People like and use the Internet because they feel they can come onto it, talk and email hundreds of others across the world. Debaters against Internet censorship believe that there are simply too many users of the Internet to be able to ensure that one doesn't offend anyone. Many of the most important newspapers and news organizations are moving to the Internet. "If censorship is introduced our national media will be severely curtailed in a way which would never be acceptable if it were to be done to the print media" (Bradsher 3).

Those against Internet censorship state that "making commercial providers responsible for the activities or their customers is fundamentally unfair" (Society 38). If a
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