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Internet Censorship "Internet Censorship." What does this mean to us? What is restricted? Censorship is summarily defined as the suppression of objectionable material. That means that material such as pornography, militant information, offensive language, anti-religion, and racism would be restricted in use. Freedom would not only be restricted to material placed on the web, but also what you could access, and where you could explore. Should the right of Freedom of Speech be taken away from us on the Internet? Having stated this, should there be any restrictions and if so, what's the limit of censorship? The Internet, with its unlimited access to any kind of information, is today’s most commonly used tool used worldwide. This poses…show more content…
As you can plainly see, censoring the schools Internet by putting key word blocks in is a loss of educational information for students. We need to give them back what they need and get ride of all the pornography and terrorist sites on every school computer. As you can see, the problem with censorship the Internet is that it takes away your rights, freedom of speech and the chance of acquiring useful information. What people don’t realize is the Internet is a medium of publication like books and magazines. They are so close to given the same rights that I don’t see why it’s the Internet that needs some censorship. The internet gives you the right to: access pornography sites if you are over the age of 18, Have cyber sex with anyone on the internet who will have it with you-no matter age, To visit sites that contain terrorist, racial, or militant activity, To practice any religion you choose. The real world gives you the right to: Rent or buy pornography in the form of magazines and videos if you are 18 or older, Have phone sex with anyone who will have it with you-no matter the age, To buy books, magazines, and videos that contain terrorist, racial, or militant activity, To practice any religion you choose. The Internet is no worse the what’s out in the world today. It is merely just an easier way for people to communicate. Putting a censorship on the Internet when the same problems accure all the time in daily life is a complete waste of

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