Internet Censorship of Child Porngraphy Essay

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“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”- Benjamin Franklin.
Technically speaking, internet censorship is difficult to achieve. Proponents of this measure seem to have neglected the fact that putting in place a system of surveillance requires the establishment of clear, unalterable rules. But often, such a task can be almost unfeasible since it is quite problematical to define precisely the information that is supposed to be blocked. In the context of hate speech for example, it is important to acknowledge the existence of a line between criticism, whether it is constructive or not, and pure animosity.
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When it comes to legal videos that may be inappropriate, the team instantly resorts to age-restriction. Both of these internet giants encourage free speech while supervising it and immediately removing content that is clearly offensive to the general public. This concept of self-regulation is a good alternative to extensive Internet censorship, since the website only has its own contents to focus on, rather than having an entire system of surveillance watching over the web, with the risk of it making errors in the process. Most importantly, the main idea behind these guidelines is not censorship, but moral, reasonable control.
We should not let the government interfere and impose its draconian laws. Censorship is nothing but a violation of fundamental civil rights, starting with freedom of speech. By defying the First Law of Amendment (reference), internet surveillance will only give the government greater power to run our lives. Without our free will and autonomy, we are helpless, incapable of making a change. The Internet is a place that promotes freedom, in all its forms. Web surfers connect to each other and share their ideas for the world to read. Above all, they become fearless. They stop thinking about who could stop them because they know that they are united, in this huge yet intimate world. Anarchists from all over the world come together and send their support

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