Internet - Challenges of B2B and B2C E-commerce Essay

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The Challenges of B2B and B2C E-commerce E-commerce “is the exchange of money for goods or services between companies and/or end consumers” (Hemond-Wilson). The most common image of e-commerce “is that of a web-based catalogue from which buyers can order products and the sellers can receive payment” (Hemond-Wilson). E-commerce has two main forms, which are business-to-business, and business to consumer. B2B e-commerce “is business which is conducted between businesses via some electronic means” and B2C e-commerce “is the exchange of money for goods or services between a company and end consumers using electronic technology” (Hemond-Wilson). E-commerce dollar volume of business conducted over the Internet in 2000 and 2001 were…show more content…
This is already evident in the banking industry which has reduced its branch network significantly in recent years as most services become available on-line. Similarly, governments and non-profit organization are implementing e-commerce to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Another aspect of e-commerce is e-learning which will impact significantly on the younger more literate generation in the areas of education. Distance learning is already becoming popular for reasons of cost and convenience, and also, because the curriculum can be easily customized to the needs of the pupils. The reality that learning is becoming a life long requirement is already impacting on the way corporations are planning the development and education of their employees. They are recognizing that e-learning can be conveniently integrated into their schedules at a pace that takes into consideration their job and family responsibilities (Vinall Cox). Issues In e-commerce, copyright laws are an important issue to regulate revenues to ensure fair compensation to owners of copyright. For example, laws have been introduced to prevent Internet companies from stealing and distributing music through the Internet. While these companies have been shut down, cable television companies receive preferred treatment as they are allowed to steal programming and
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