Internet Communication : Cyberbullying, Addiction, And Donald Trump

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When you think of hurtful internet communication what pops in your mind? Cyberbullying, addiction, and Donald Trump might be a few things that come to mind. The internet is a war zone of words being tossed left and right ridiculing others. Also, the internet also might be where someone finds hope. The internet is a complicated confusing place that mixes good interaction with bad. The internet, is a place where many great dreams have been created, but also where some people have their worst nightmares
Cyber bullying is one of the biggest obstacles we face in today’s internet society.
In the article The Dark Side of Using Technology it states, “In addition to leading to anxiety and depression, cyberbullying also has been noted as a contributing factor in a number of suicides” (Siegle 233). Internet has provided an easier pathway for people to inflict emotional pain on others. This quote states that cyber bullying “leads to anxiety, depression and suicides.” Cyber bullying is now how a lot of depressed people begin their path towards darkness by being “led” by cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is the gateway to depression by giving bullies the access to inflict pain on others from their own homes. Cyber bullying is thriving in today’s life as our leader as its main abuser.Melania Trump stated at the U.N meeting,“We must teach each other the values of empathy and communication - kindness, mindfulness, integrity and leadership, which can only be taught by example. Twitter was quick

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