Internet Communication as a Tool for Qualitative Research

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Research Method 1

Running head: Research Problem and Method Paper

Internet Communication as a Tool for Qualitative Research Research Problem and Method Paper Abstract:

While calloborating on the research community, the World Wide Web has opened a different perspective and provides access for data collection. The Internet user can now engage in research on a world-wide, " low cost, almost instantaneous scale - and in ways which potentially overcome some of the barriers imposed by more conventional research approaches." However, this idealistic view some what obscures both methodological and ethical difficulties
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In contrast, their are also people who spend their time viewing merchandise and making purchases online. Generally speaking, using the technologies for transmission as well as information gathering. The Internet may also provide social spaces and this consist of relationships, communities, and cultures emerging through the exchange of text and images. When social spaces take place, this could happen delayed time sequences or real time. There is a long tradition of social interaction and community development based on the capabilities of the Internet. On the other hand, while speaking of short terms, the Internet can be perceived as a set of technological tools, a complex network of social relations, a language system, a cultural milieu, and so forth. Quote, "The way one defines and frames the Internet influences how one Research Method 4

interacts with Internet-based technologies, as well as how one studies the Internet. "
The Internet as a Research Tool:

People might naturally or deliberately perceive the Internet as a tool for receiving and sending information. Moreover, to extend one 's physical reach to connect with others, to and from, between multiple cultural fields, or performing multiple tasks simultaneously. From this perspective, users tend to
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