Internet Connectivity Of The Internet

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Abstract- In the past, Internet connectivity has been an issue especially with how slow it was. The pc’s where getting faster year by year, but the networks where not meeting up. Cables could not convey enough Internet bandwidth with high-speed data transfer rate. This paper discusses the Internet connectivity of the past, and relates the past to the present. Explaining in details the evolution of Internet connectivity until present day. It talks about the new method of broadband wireless connectivity Wimax (White space technology – LTE) and how it would change the face of wireless Internet connectivity.

I. INTRODUCTION The evolution of the Internet Network has been seen over the past decades. From analog medium of Internet sharing to digital method, this digital method also had its limitation, as it needed physical connectivity of cable to computers that require Internet access. As time went on, innovations in the field of Internet access became prevalent especially with the law of Moore, which eliminated the physical restrictions of hardware. I.e. to say, Internet speed was limited by the hardware capability. But using the new technologies available the Internet access and the over broadband speed has become extremely fast. The evolution of Internet did not just end at the cable connectivity of Internet to pc. The introduction of the Wireless Broadband Network came into the picture with high speed Internet made available and easy wirelessly over a given area of service…
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