Internet Crime and Moral Responsibility

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Internet Crime and Moral Responsibility

Internet Crime and Moral Responsibility 3
Introduction 3
What is Internet Crime? 3
Types of Crimes 3
Phishing 3
Child Pornography 4
Cyber Stalking 5
Computer Intrusion 5
Denial of Service Attacks and Cyber War 5
Identity Theft 6
Whose responsibility is it to report these crimes? 7
Reporting agencies 8
Conclusion 8
References 9 Internet Crime and Moral Responsibility

The Internet is the technological genius of the computer age. Although the Internet is a phenomenal tool, providing access to the world, it has also become a Shangri-La for criminals. The Internet because of the ability to remain anonymous is the perfect playground for this type of mayhem. This
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Users need to be informed that if they receive an email that appears to be from the institution or business, they need to contact the company in regards to the validity of the email. This should be reiterated to users monthly to help insure the reduction of personal information being gathered unlawfully.
Child Pornography
Child Pornography is the abuse of innocent children that has been put on display and oftentimes sold for a profit. It is used largely by pedophiles to help lure other children into illicit relationship situations that no child should ever have to endure. Because the Internet provides global access, the number of sex offenders using this avenue has dramatically increased, allowing them greater access to innocent victims.
Child pornography is illegal in the United States regardless of whether it is being sold, viewed, saved on a computer or copied. Other countries have varying laws regarding child pornography where it is illegal to produce it but not to have it stored on a computer that you own. Although laws may be in place to protect against child pornography across the global community, those laws are not always enforced. Some countries have no laws at all against child pornography, making those countries a haven for distribution.
The two agencies responsible for handling reports
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