Internet Entrepreneurs Essay

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A search of Google for “Internet entrepreneur” will retrieve more than 9 million links to blogs, portals and websites about Internet entrepreneurs. The success of several prominent entrepreneurs such as Larry Page, Sergey Brin, David Filo, Jerry Yang and Jeff Bezos has become the inspiration to others to become Internet entrepreneurs, but not all would become successful in the long term. Apart from the pioneers, there are, however, others – such as Dany Levy, David Liu, Reed Hastings, and Alex Algard – who are also successful and have survived in the long term. It seems that the strategies adopted by successful Internet entrepreneurs have enabled them to sustain their businesses better than those who have failed. This
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This research will contribute to the body of knowledge by integrating and enhancing three fields of study; entrepreneurship, strategic management and Internet ventures addressing the shortfall in the literature (Baker & Pollock, 2007; Venkataraman & Sarasvathy, 2000). It will also contribute to the development of a strategy formation framework for Internet entrepreneurship as previous research has not been able to identify a unique process of strategy formation for Internet entrepreneurs. In fact, the process of strategic decision making in general is under-researched (Elbanna, 2006). In addition, this research will also validate the practical relevance of the ten schools of thought about strategy making which appear in the strategic management literature as suggested by Mintzberg (1998). Lastly, the study will benefit the learning of future Internet entrepreneurs helping them devise successful strategies for the longer term. It is hoped that more Internet entrepreneurs can be successful in the future thus creating more wealth for society.

The focus of this research will only be the strategy process of the Internet entrepreneurs, not the strategy content or implementation. There is a question of possible bias in studying only successful Internet entrepreneurs but failed entrepreneurs are more likely to be observed in the start-up stage and this stage has been addressed by most of the previous work in this
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