Internet Essay - Online Anonymity and Cyberspace Crime

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Online Anonymity and Cyberspace Crime The 90's internet boom gave rise to new ways of writing in through access to cyberspace. What used to be printed or handwritten on physical surfaces such as paper, cardboard, or bulletin boards has changed to 0's and 1's, bits and bytes of digitized information that can be displayed thru the projections of computer screens. Moreover, the internet has made the process of publishing one's works, writing letters, or chatting with one another much easier and convenient for everyone around the globe. The internet became a universal tool, giving much freedom and flexibility to the users; it gave them opportunity to deliver their thoughts with little or no restrictions. Since it's impossible to regulate…show more content…
Hence, the sender stays completely anonymous. Moreover, use of pseudonyms made it possible for anyone to simply wander around the cyberspace without being identified as a 'real' person with a 'real' identity. Since a person's existence in cyberspace is not physical, any person can take on a desired personae and become a person 'A' in one chatting channel and at the same time take on the different personae of 'B' or 'C' in different zones. People rarely use pseudonyms in real life; actors, actress, and many public figures take on pseudonyms not because they intentionally want to hide their real names, but to enhance their public image. However, pseudonyms are almost always used by the net users, and it becomes problematic when they intentionally fake their gender, ethnicity, age, and other personal information in order to take advantage of other people. Anonymity and pseudonymity can be beneficial to certain parts of the internet community. One example can be seen in a web-based public forum, where anyone can freely join and take on either side of the argument and express his or ideas without having to worry about receiving physical accusations, reprimands, or revenge from the opposing side: "Free

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