Internet Identity Experiences in Turkle's Article Essay example

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Internet Identity Experiences in Turkle's Article

In Turkle's article "Identity in the Age of the Internet," she questions "Why grant such superior status to the self that has the body, when the selves that don't have bodies are able to have different kinds of experiences?" Turkle gives many great details and examples of the things that can happen when people are allowed to express themselves as any character that they wish which enables them to have experiences that may be different then the ones from their everyday life. In addition Dale Spender examines in her article "Gender Bending," how men and women are viewed differently online as well as offline. These articles arises the thought of how might Spender answer the question
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What may be some of ones insecurities, can be changed on these games by a matter of ones textual description: short short to tall, obese to slender brown eyes to blue eyes, and many more. These new identities can give a person a different way of expressing themselves, then if they had to face these insecurities head on. Would one act and be able to express themselves as openly as possible otherwise, probably not. The MUD'S and IRC rooms are opening communication lines across the country that are allowing people to have experiences which in RL, or real life, they would not be able to have. So in many ways I feel that Turkle very much enjoys the idea of being able to have different and unknown identities. I agree with her thoughts that people should be able to find their identities without being afraid to express themselves. Much of identity confusion has to do with ones sexuality. Sexual confusion may consist of many things. One instance could be in a case of a man wanting to know how it feels to be a woman, to be the less domineering of the two people. A man might want to express his sensitivity towards certain issues that as a man he may feel unable to do, being afraid of showing his true inner self. On the other hand a woman might want to know how it feels to be the more domineering character of the two. One may question what does it feel to be a man? To not

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