Internet Impact On Society

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The internet has had a tremendous effect on modern day society. Search engines, social media,

history lessons, educational videos, can all be available online. With the single click of a button, anyone

can find what they are looking for, be it a cooking recipe, board game instructions, or just to browse the

web. The benefits are enormous compared to what we have had to resource ourselves to beforehand,

however, is it truly the best thing to have at the tips of our fingers? The internet can either socially,

intellectually, or morally, benefit the user, or have serious implications on their abilities to act on their

own knowledge without searching online for the correct answer.

To start off, social media is at its peak in today’s society. Everyone now uses their Facebook and

Instagram accounts to search for new relaxing spots, restaurants, set up a gathering, or just to keep up

with friend’s lives. Take a picture, caption it, post it on the cloud, and wait to see how many people react

and like your photo. One could say that it is ridiculous, if it was not so beneficial. For example, if you

were to get engaged or was getting married and wanted to let all your friends know without having to

call each one of them, just capture the moment, and post it online. Now everybody knows about the

new step you have just taken in your life. However, as simple as it sounds there can be serious

implications as well if one is not careful of what he posts. Imagine the

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