Internet Influence On Australia

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In this current era, internet is having a massive impact on almost everything, but mostly on culture. Since the high usage of internet began, every individual around the world had something to do daily, which involved an access to internet. Culture on the other hand, had a major impact from the usage of internet, social networking on social culture. The incorporation of culture over the internet is considered as one of finest option, which is available to humankind in this era or technology. Several Countries have used internet as a source to earn money by selling their culture to other countries. The increasing usage of social media platforms has bought a huge change in almost every individual daily activities and social life. Scholars has even named these activities…show more content…
Western people assume that an individual can apply control over the future and can control events.
• Material Factors: Americans mien toward nature fights that it is for our leverage. Indians and Koreans love of nature is a bit of their religious feelings.
• Individualism: Americans regard accomplishments, accomplishments and wealth over any social event targets

Five stereotypes that foreigners hold about Australians – (Regional Representatives Website)
1. Kangaroos – no one goes to school while riding a kangaroo. Kangaroos are only found in Australia.
2. Foster Beer – It is the least popular in Australia, and everyone knows that Aussies love their beer.
3. Desert – A large proportion of Australia is Desert.
4. International Education – Australia is getting higher recognition, due to their international education system.
5. Beach Party – Australians love to party in the beach.

Five Cultural Stereotypes, which I hold about foreign culture –
1. Japanese people don’t consider learning English as an essential learning
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