Internet Is A Global System Of Interconnected Computer Systems

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Internet is a global system of interconnected computer systems. The internet, as we see today, allows low-cost anonymous communication. The advance in technology has led to faster communications. For example the change of dependency from postal service to much faster e-mails, online banking, social networking etc. Everything is now at our fingertips. We can now sit at the comfort of our homes and do certain tasks which were earlier time consuming. Today business has easier global access due to Internet. It is cost-effective and almost all the functions can be automated to make it easier and faster. Even communication has become cheaper and faster. But as Dr.Leonard Kleinrock stated, these benefits are a perfect combination to do bad things…show more content…
This stage is not yet reached, but the growing needs for more customer-friendly, easily accessible and device-independent technology is pushing these developments. He has also expressed his views on Nomadic Computing which means that the Internet would be accessible for all devices anywhere and anytime. The Internet, at present, is accessible anywhere and anytime, but we are still to work on “all devices” being able to plug-in on the Internet. Internet was made with the assumption of a fixed desktop usage. Dr. Klienrock expresses his concern about no availability of an IT administrator to look up the network issues personally when one is on-the-go i.e travelling, which involves switching between networks at different areas. His solution for this problem is a portable system support administrator for trouble-free internet service on any network that one can connect to and is available round-the-clock at anyplace for any device. His vision includes Smart Spaces. As explained by him, Smart Spaces is the concept of bringing cyberspace out of one’s machine out in to our physical world. He foresees the Internet being able to automate everything to make life easier by making all appliances able to communicate to each other and also to the customer. He says this embedded technology is possible by installing thousands of processors per human which can communicate, has memory sensors, cameras, microphones,
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