Internet Is A Tool That Connects People All Around The World Through Social Media

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Internet is a tool that connects people all around the world through social media. Clinicians working with adolescents have started to realize how important it was to start to understand the impact of electronic media, the internet, technology, all sort of things on the young people. It is very difficult to understand the old people that there has been a radical change in relationship even between young people because of these new tools. In the past children were really a time of emotional, secrecy, discretion and sometimes physically exuberance. Now young people tend to share their emotions, their thoughts, and their love and to expose it to the world through the internet. Internet has also led to a possibility to get in touch with anybody at any time. In the olden days, maybe school times was when you interacted, but then you went back home. Now at 11pm your phone starts to bleep because somebody has said something about you and suddenly your whole group of friends is starting to comment. Not only was this but adolescence a time where your sense of identity and also of sexually identity was developing. Nowadays anybody has access to material which 20-25 years ago was limited to paying adults. Therefore they are going to have to come to terms with images, which at a certain age, can be traumatic, but also lead sometimes to absolutely surprising expectations with regard to what is okay or not and how one should behave with one boyfriend or one girlfriend. Internet allows
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