Internet Is Getting More Advanced

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Internet is getting more advanced. People over the world have access to the Internet at their home that allows them to be educated, to communicate with families and friends from far distance, and to be entertain by movies. Colleges, hospital, and other public places also provide free Internet for people to use. Internet makes it possible for people to share their knowledge of education and their experimental around the world. Teachers across the world can communicate with each other better than before all because of Internet. Some people may argue that Internet has negatively effects students’ personal life and distracted them from finishing their assignments. Although the Internet can be distracting if it not used wisely but no matter what programs or careers students are going into, having access to the Internet is beneficial. It allows students to do their research without having to gather so many books from the library, but instances they can do their research online while at home. Students can communicate with their classmates and professors anytime without having to worry about the limit of cost. They can text, email, and call if there was an emergency. Having access to the Internet positively impacts students’ education by helping find credible resources, improving critical thinking, and giving them the ability to network with their educators and peers.
The Internet positively influences a student’s education by helping to find credible resources from online. People…
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