Internet Is a Double Edge Sword

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Since its introduction to the public in 1986, the Internet has drastically changed the world. Within a short span of time, it has brought about a new evolution in the mode of networking; expanding from its users population from thousands to billions across the world. With the progression in time, the Internet has become a necessity, playing a major role in various human activities. Despite the Internet being an indispensable tool of human living, it can also be a double edge sword. The purpose of this essay is to examine how the internet brings about benefits which at the same time harm us. With endless factors available for discussion, this essay will focus on its impact on banking, politics and society to surface the double-edged nature…show more content…
The questions to ask is will this teen would have succeeded without the existence of the Internet platform?
With this vast accessibility of information, the road to learning through the Internet is not a smooth ride. Addictions to online gaming and reports of sexual harassment are increasingly making the headlines in our daily newspaper. Having the rate of cybercrimes being on the rise, parents and guardians no longer are able to keep their children safe just by staying at home. Being connected wirelessly is just like having our door unlocked at all times. The ease of accessibility thus comes with an uncertain price.
In conclusion, the Internet has given man a more efficient and more convenient lifestyle, allowing us to conduct our mode of life with just one click. However, as in the scale of life, all pros have their cons side too. Therefore, it is up to users to let the Internet either enhance or destroy our life. The fact is the Internet is here to stay. Despite being a double edge sword, it is a necessary sword that we need to progress toward the future. (756 words)

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