Internet Marketing : An Innovative Limb From The Advertising World

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Although each person develops a unique manner to create, visualize, and develop their ideas, it is always very inspirational when the life of others serves as an example to those who wish to become a master in certain areas; or simply wants to learn different techniques to canalize and develop those thoughts, and materialize them into actions. Unlikely to other industries such as Film which origins are dated to many years ago, Internet Marketing is an innovative limb from the advertising world that was combined with what has been the phenomenon of the century, internet and the digital world. “If you don’t love your audience, someone else will” is one of the most popular phrases from Declan Dunn one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing…show more content…
Declan saw an opportunity while working on developing a multi-media CD-Rom audio/video with infomercials. He was trying to reach more people to market the products/services of the companies that he was working with at that time. However, it was not until he saw Marc Andreesen of Netscape share the world’s first browser that he visualized the opportunity of reaching millions of people instantly. According to Greene in his book Mastery, in order to start the creative process, one has to follow three imperative stages: Choosing the proper Creative Task, loosing and opening up the mind through Creative Strategies; and last but no least, create the optimal mental conditions for a breakthrough/insight. Declan was working on ways in which he could conduct a massive reach and deliver the marketing message of his clients. Therefore, at the moment that he became aware of the first browser, his mind opened up and he was able to foresee a computer in every house. He knew instantly, that he did not need to keep working on a CD-Rom which probably was going to be useless after a couple of years; instead, he recognized the potential of the internet and the impact that it was going to have in the world. He did not take years to understand this, but for sure, his eagerness to reach more people in simple steps was the obsessive element that he needed to develop his life’s task. Even though the internet
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