Internet Marketing For Growing Civil Engineering Firm

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1. Internet Marketing for Growing Civil Engineering Firm
• (Persuade CEO of civil engineering firm to create an online presence for the company.) As Delios Associates continues to expand the need to be innovative is more important than ever. This report will examine what our current marketing department is missing by sticking only to traditional techniques and why a civil engineering firm needs to be online.
• Main conclusions: o Imperative to have an updated and interactive online strategy. o To look for creative but honest ways to connect with target audience that is technologically advancing.
• I recommend the development of an internet content and marketing plan that includes clear strategies and goals to build up a positive
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Meanwhile, online marketing, like the influx of Gen Y engineers brings a fresh, but still learning perspective thats importance continues to grow. Delios Associates is the perfect example of this analogy since nearly 30 percent of our total employees will retire in the next 7-10 years.
• Facts o According to Southern New Hampshire University’s Social Media Marketing about page, companies are online and emerged in new media.
 “60% use Twitter, 33% utilize YouTube, 70% employ Facebook to communicate with their customers… 96% plan to spend more money on marketing through social media” (Southern New Hampshire University, 2015). o A 2009 survey of civil engineering firms highlighted the integral role the internet plays in professional duties. "77% use the internet to attend online education activities, 86% follow-up on articles they read, 98% research engineering-related topics, & 87% search for information about industry trends" (Brown, 2010). o Internet marketing is far more diverse than pictures of food and online shopping.
• Benefits o What can internet marketing do for Delios Associates? With an effective strategy expect to:
 Build relationships with potential clients, colleagues, and employees
 Cultivate and build upon our existing brand
 Amass content using the collective knowledge of firm 's staff to build reputation o Tim Klabunde, a marketing director for a civil engineering firm notes,"for civil engineering firms, online social media is a new tool
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