Internet Moral Panics : The Social Media Predator Essay

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Internet Moral Panics: The Social Media Predator The internet is a place where information is shared between millions of people, and once this information is on the internet, it stays there. This brings about great concern for a lot of people, considering a good amount of private information is on the internet due to social media. The information that is now on the internet was not accessible to the public before. Today, with teenagers using the internet to connect with friends and share their life, the concern of privacy is growing. Social Media Privacy is a broad term, however the question remains: Will this information get into the hands of the wrong people? Teenagers use the internet more than any other age group, and with every minute more information is collected on them. Information such as one’s location or their favorite hang out spots can seem like unimportant insight but it can create some major risks. With so much information being gathered from teenagers, the public is becoming increasingly concerned for sexual predator attacks, and with more social media platforms, it will be harder than ever for parents to protect their children. The beginning of this moral panic arguably began with the creation of the infamous website MySpace in 2003. This website made it possible for people to connect with each other over the internet through blogs, photos or even music and videos. When the public began to use this site, concerns began to arise, the biggest worry being
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