Internet Of Things : A Brief Review

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Internet of Things: A Brief Review of RFduino
Isa Hatipoglu
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Abstract—As the internet has changed the world drastically, its applications will most likely to continue to alter the world like Internet of Things (IoT). The technologies needed for the IoT is ready, but they are needed to be improved. Less than in five years, the IoT will be known and even being used by many of us.
In this paper, a brief review of the IoT is shown and four fundamentals of the IoT proposed. These fundamentals can be listed as Unique Identity, Network, Senses, and Control. RFduino which includes these four fundamentals is reviewed in terms of the usage in the IoT.

Index Terms—Internet of Everything, Internet of Things, RFduino

I. INTRODUCTION The revolutionary invention, the Internet, has changed the world by interconnection of billions of devices worldwide. Similarly, the World Wide Web let us to reach tons of information instantly. Indeed, these two inventions have altered almost everything in the world significantly. The term, Internet of Things (Internet of Everything), refers to interconnection of everything via the Internet. To illustrate the “Things”, the Internet will not only interconnect computers, and web pages, but also anything physical in the world such as goods, objects, machines, buildings, vehicles, plants, animals, people, and so forth. [1] “Today, developments are rapidly under way to take this phenomenon an important step
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