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We can connect wrest band with other things it can maintain your room temperature and car temperature. Pebble steel is a watch it connects though mobile it gives mobile phone notifications and calculates health measurements also. If you feel sick it informs that you’re not feeling well. And also gives warnings too. Google glass is wearable technology developed by Google. It connects with your phone. It is hand free device communicate with internet via voice commands. It has a features like touch pad located on side of the glass, operate by swiping the screen displays on screen; camera, it has ability to take photos and record video and display led display it reflects on a virtualized screen it display the photos and video on projector screen. It can also use for security purpose also it gives the people entering in the home/office if we can lock or unlock door through glass. Samsung galaxy gear is similar to apple watch it connect with your phone it has control panel, display it shows all the information of connected devices and messages and time, wrest band to secure your device, cradle connector plates and speaker. Fig 2.wearable in IOT Home Automation: With advancement in technology, application of IOT is increasing rapidly and in different fields like agriculture, construction, Transportation and smart cities. In this
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