Internet Of Things : Computer Technology

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Now days, everyone uses computer technology developed, generally we do communication between machine to human, human to machine. in Internet of things what is things it can be any anything like appliances, goods, objects, vehicles, buildings, animals, plants, and trees. IOT is a communication between machine to machine communications. We can connect physically anything anytime anywhere. Internet of things also called internet of everything it connects with software, sensors, embedded etc. Internet of things, also called internet of objects, refers to wireless network between objects, usually the network will be wireless and self-configuring, like household application. Various internet applications are available in market. Wearable’s is the application where we can wear it on body. It connects via phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and laptop. It is best for smartphone peripherals, instant UI usage, nearby things. Wearable is used directly on body, tracks the information. And related to security and identification. Fit bit is the wrest bracelet provides indication of location of thing where we left. It related to health and fitness it provides biometric measurement such as heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure. It also gives the information about how many calories burned, steps climbed, and walking distance. We can connect wrest band with other things it can maintain your room temperature and car temperature.
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