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INTERNET OF THINGS:  Introduction: According to a survey, in 2008 the things connected on Internet were much more than the people living on the earth that time, and since now it has grew much larger.  What is Internet of Things? Mainly they refer to the devices which are able to collect and transmit data via Internet. Internet of things or simply IoT relay to the things. Basically ‘things’ which are physical objects and are though connected with each other through a communication network. The devices or objects which are there must have sense to interact and converse with the internal structure and external environment. In IoT, the word things meant the active participant. This must be that much dynamic that they contribute in exchange of data, social process and in other areas. Usually the devices must be that much smart and reliable that they change their state, start query and perform the defined task when an event triggers. This approach helps and give opportunity for more direct interaction between real / physical world with the computer based system. Another perspective of internet of thing is all about making one business information and data to get carried in different ways.  Relationship of IoT: IoT is a giant network of connected things, and these things do not stick to just things only. As an estimated count that is by 2020, the things connected on the internet will be more than 100 billion today. When we say “thing”, it take us to the side termed to be

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