Internet Of Things On Development Of Telecommunication

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Internet of Things in development of telecommunication Abstract- Keywords- Internet of Things(IoT),RFID, I. Introduction In recent years, the Internet of Things(IoT) has become a hot research topic for both academia and industry in the area of communication. The Internet of Things (IoT), which was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in 19999 and was initially linked to the idea of using radio frequency identification (RFID). After that, the term IoT was well know as a new communication system where the goal is to develop a network connecting computers to objects [1]. The definition of ‘Things’ in the IoT vision including wide range of physical elements. For example, computer, smart phone, armoires and mattress. With the connection between Internet and Things, it can communicate from people to object, object to people at anytime, anywhere, with anything, ideally using any devices services. Based on the above concept of ‘Internet of Things’, there are large number of devices and things will be linked to network, at the same time, each of them providing enormous number of information and data which reveal personal information such as user’s preferences and habits. Unquestionably, the main strength of the IoT is analyzing the data and take the advantage from its to the field such as automation and industrial manufacturing, business process management, intelligent life style. However, there are many challenging still need to be solved in both technological and social awareness
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